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    About us

    Who we are

    NORSIDER, since the beginning of its activity on March 1, 2002, has based its activities on the values ​​of Commitment to the Environment, Customer Satisfaction and Leadership and Innovation, which has allowed the company to obtain sustained growth since then, until becoming a reference in the sector of Used Auto Parts.

    Each customer is treated in a personalized way and with due accompaniment, knows the importance of the reliability of our products, as well as our services, in the sectors we operate. From a perspective of increasing proximity to the customer.

    All the parts sold by us come from vehicles dismantled and scrapped by us, in our facilities, duly licensed by the operator license n.º TUA20171025000213 - EA


    Norsider's mission is to satisfy its customers with transparency and quality. Offering innovation and constant development based on the principles of value creation, flexibility and social responsibility.


    To be a reference company in the Waste Management and Used Parts sector, contributing to a healthier environment through its innovative and responsible management.


    Customer satisfaction- orientation towards satisfying the interests and needs of customers. Your success is our success.

    Respect for the environment.

    Quality Policy

    NORSIDER has established as the company's “Quality Policy” the improvement and continuous improvement of its management system, in order to provide satisfaction to its customers and other interested parties.

    Within the scope of the satisfaction of its customers, users of its products and other interested parties, this policy will be developed through the experience and qualification of the organization's people in the provision of services, as well as the suitability and honesty in all business acts.

    Continuous improvement will be developed through the optimization of available resources and the permanent involvement of employees, providing them with the necessary technical competence, namely through permanent technical updating and compliance with applicable regulatory and legal requirements.