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    Terms and conditions

    Conditions of Sale and Warranty

    Deadline for Exchange / Commercial Return: 30 days

    Exchange / Return Conditions

    Exchange/return requests must be submitted before the deadline.

    The customer can exchange or return the part, if it is not compatible with his vehicle or if his need no longer exists.

    The part must have the marking made by NORSIDER, and there cannot be any signs of internal or external manipulation of the part. If you assemble the part in your vehicle and verify that this was not the damaged part, you will be able to return it within the normal period .

    In the case of exchange/return, the customer can choose to receive the value of the part or exchange for another, receiving/paying the price differential.

    NORSIDER does not guarantee that, in case of return, it will have in stock the part that the customer needs, thus returning the amount paid for the part .

    In case of return, NORSIDER does not cover any additional cost, such as immobilization of a vehicle; assembly or disassembly labor costs .

    Warranty period used parts: indicated on the purchased part

    Commercial Warranty Conditions :

    Complaints for damaged / damaged parts must be submitted before the end of the warranty period.

    The part must have the marking made by NORSIDER, and there may not be any signs of internal or external manipulation of the part.

    If the customer wants to carry out any additional repairs on the part ( eg : exchange of engine bronzes), he must request authorization from NORSIDER. After analyzing the order, NORSIDER reserves the right to authorize or not this repair. If NORSIDER verifies the compliance and authorizes the repair, this instruction must always be formalized in writing in one of these ways: e-mail ; fax ; Letter; in order to safeguard the interests of the client.

    The guarantee only covers the amount paid for the part and shipping and collection costs, when the shipment is made by NORSIDER. It does not cover any other additional costs, such as vehicle immobilization; assembly or disassembly labor costs .

    Warranties will not be accepted for parts that are assembled in a competition vehicle or that show inadequate or careless use.

    In case of warranty claim, when the part reaches NORSIDER's possession, an analysis of the part will be carried out. Warranties will be accepted if the damage to the part originates from the part itself. No warranty will be accepted for damage caused by parts other than the one sold.

    In case of warranty, NORSIDER can choose to take one of the three measures :

    • perform the repair of the part ;
    • exchange for a compatible part ;
    • return the value of the part and shipping/collection costs, when the shipment is made by NORSIDER

    The counting for warranty time is made from the date of sale of the product, according to Norsider's invoice.

    In the case of parts delivered via NORSIDER conveyor, counting starts from the date of receipt by the customer.

    In the case of engines, problems arising from the bursting of timing belts/chains or problems with the water pump are not covered by warranty, so it is advisable to exchange them, except for engines where NORSIDER expressly communicates that this maintenance has already was carried out.

    Engines, gearboxes, differentials and other parts that use oil as a lubricant are delivered without oil. It is the customer's responsibility to add new oil as well as its filters, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

    When formalizing the purchase by the customer, it is understood that all conditions expressed herein are accepted.

    Under the terms of Law No. 144/2015, it is incumbent upon us to inform the following :

    "In case of dispute, the consumer may resort to the Arbitration Center of the Automobile Sector, with a website at www.centroarbitragemsectorauto.pt and headquartered at Av. da República, n.º 44 - 3º Esq , 1050-194 Lisbon"