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    Shipping methods and costs

    We do Worldwide delivery of our products

    How does it work?

    In the order finalization form, you will be shown the options and shipping cost available, depending on your address details and the weight and volume of your order.

    The value that is presented includes the shipping cost, as well as the cost of the robust packaging we do, so that the pieces reach you in the best possible conditions.

    The shipping times shown are only business days and are indicative only. Although it is rare, there may be delays on the part of carriers, which we are alien to and unfortunately we cannot control.

    In order to receive your order comfortably at your home or workshop, we send the order, properly packed and protected.

    We select the best way to pack your merchandise, protecting it so that it arrives in the best conditions.

    All of our packages are chosen taking into account their content: Volume, material, shape, weight, resistance. In order to preserve the merchandise, we also include packaging materials within the packaging itself, as a way of protecting against damage that may be caused by handling, transportation, vibration, among others.